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Post Conviction Services

Once a case has been resolved and the defendant has been sentenced, as a crime victim, you maintain certain rights. (This does not apply to Juvenile cases. For Juvenile cases, contact your victim counselor at 813-272-6472)

·          You have the right to be notified of a defendant’s whereabouts while in jail or prison, including when a defendant is moved or released.

·          You have the right to know whether or not a defendant is in compliance with the conditions of his or her probation.

·          You have the right to be informed of the status of any Appeal, should one be filed.

Listed below are agencies that can assist you in regards to any post conviction issues or questions you may have.  You should contact these agencies directly and keep your contact information up to date.


Hillsborough County Jail: Detains inmates awaiting trial and houses inmates convicted of misdemeanor offenses.  

                Records:  813-247-8400

                Inmate info:  813-274-8300



Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office Misdemeanor Probation Services:: Provides supervision for misdemeanor offenders sentenced to probation in county court. Also supervises Misdemeanor Intervention and Domestic Violence Intervention (Diversion Programs).

Phone:  813-318-5365



Florida Department of Corrections:  Supervises offenders sentenced to felony probation and houses inmates sentenced to state prison. For notification regarding inmate moves and release, contact and register with the DOC’s automated VINE (Victim Information & Notification Everyday) system.

                Pre-Trial Intervention:  813-975-6524

                Phone:   1-877-VINE-4-FL   (1-877-846-3435)



Restitution: An offender placed on probation and ordered to pay restitution has a probation officer assigned. The probation officer will require current victim contact information for restitution purposes. To find the name of the probation officer assigned, contact one of the agencies below:

                Misdemeanor - Salvation Army:                 813-223-3781

                Felony - Department of Corrections:       813-233-2382


Office of the Attorney General: Provides notification to victims, survivors or next of kin when an appeal is opened, oral argument is scheduled and the decision is rendered.  

                Phone:  813-287-7900 ext 7126 or 1-800-226-6667