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Juvenile is a Circuit Court Division handling all felony and misdemeanor cases including felony traffic offenses committed by individuals under the age of eighteen. Note: Misdemeanor traffic offenses are handled in County Court.

Standard sentencing alternatives include probation and commitment programs administered by the Department of Juvenile Justice. In addition, there are many specialized diversion programs designed to address public safety concerns as well as the needs of the juvenile. Examples of such programs are as follows:

Stop Theft Early and Learn
Tampa-Hillsborough Urban League
Wise Guys
Intensive Delinquency Diversion Services
Youth Opportunity Movement
Juvenile Drug Court
Walker Plan

We believe that early intervention is the key to redirecting a youth toward a more positive future.

Applications for Certificates of Eligibility (Sealing and Expunction):

Effective June 1, 2009, the State Attorney’s Office will no longer return Applications for Certificates of Eligibility by U.S. mail unless a self-addressed, stamped envelope is provided. If no self-addressed, stamped envelope is provided, the completed Applications will be available for pick up on the first floor of the State Attorney’s Office. The Application may be picked up by the party submitting the Application. Please allow the State Attorney’s Office at least two weeks to complete Part B of the Application.